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Monday, September 6, 2010

Loving Max - Help!

Dogs are among the finest of God's creatures, and there's a dog in the Albuquerque area who needs our help. His name is Max, he's a young Great Dane, and he has some rare spinal condition that needs surgery. Per the article in The Albuquerque Journal Friday, in addition to Max's illness, his human family was already facing economic problems including job loss. So they held a "dog wash" to raise money for his surgery, and The Journal ran a piece on it. I couldn't go and besides my dogs would eat me if I tried to wash them, so I sent a check. I figure if everyone who reads this sends 5 bucks, Max may walk again.

Did you know that financially challenged people are more charitable than those with golden commodes? Truth....a recent New York Times article cited a 2001 study done by Independent Sector that found that households earning 25K gave away almost twice as much as households earning 75K. So much for trickle down economics! Some of it needs to trickle down to Max, today.

In any case, Max is one of the best of us. If you can help, please follow this link:

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  1. Ayyy my love I would TOTALLY help. I'm a complete rescue nut (have rescued 85 dogs and cats til' this day) but currently I am unemployed and unaware of how I'm going to pay rent :( Hope Max gets everything he needs and more. You're a sweetheart for posting this.