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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The New Cheap Facelift:

I sewed an elastic cord onto my sun hat because it's so windy here. I have discovered if you tie it tight and pull it up, it looks like you had a neck lift. Is it okay to wear a hat everywhere? Even in the shower?


  1. Of course it is okay to wear a hat in the shower; you just need to pay special attention to washing techniques to ensure cleanliness, However, do be careful with the cord; should it become wet and shrink it would be difficult to speak and possibly even in extreme circumstances, fatal due to lack of oxygen. My advice: save for the face lift !!

  2. Great idea! In the middle ages, women used to tie a ribbon around their neck or a tie from their hats

  3. You are so funny, you never fail to make me laugh! Always a pleasure to visit. Ciao for now! (I've got you RSS'd, as well.