The world is crazier than most people know. But I know. I was a clinical social worker for forty years. I am a witness. I retired from social work to write about the sad, the mad, and the savage; with whom I have spent most of my life. I have decided to translate these stories into fiction, because, as a co-worker once said, "You couldn't make this sh*t up. No one would believe you."

Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Your  Bitch On!!!

Old and broke, this ain't no joke.
Can't work much more, I'm feeling sore.
Depression II, I hate you
What to do? I'm feeling blue.
Maybe not go under, go asunder!
Live in my car, travel far,
Meet other gaff's, have a few laughs,
With a wink and a nod to the morning star
And a watering stop at a friendly bar!


  1. Nice post with useful info.........cheers to the writer.

  2. Hey ! save me a bar stool next to yours!!

  3. Sounds like my life in my 20s, living in the back of my car. Certainly would be no tragedy if I had to do it all over again.

  4. @NP hear hear. There's a dance in the old guy yet! :)