The world is crazier than most people know. But I know. I was a clinical social worker for forty years. I am a witness. I retired from social work to write about the sad, the mad, and the savage; with whom I have spent most of my life. I have decided to translate these stories into fiction, because, as a co-worker once said, "You couldn't make this sh*t up. No one would believe you."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Main Street to Wall Street: Kiss My A**!!

Well, now that Wall Street is running things, my future is bleak. If all 47 of my followers buy my book, I may be able to afford some hair dye.
But, facelift, goodbye. Retirement, goodbye. Solvency in old age, goodbye.


Never before has Life 2.0 been more appropriate. Never. This is the time for the gray hairs to become gray panthers. This is the time to fight back.

Fight? Am I crazy?
Yes, and no. Of course it is madness to think one can be heard. Even in the age of emails “from the president” your individual voice carries about as far as a fart in a windstorm. But your actions….that’s another matter.

Boomers, remember the sixties? We weren’t busy writing our congressional representatives. Most of us didn’t even know who they were. But we were busy. We were busy living pleasant lives. We turned our backs on the stress of competition, the burden of achievement, the conformity of social convention. We turned on, tuned in, and dropped out.

And we must do so again.
Life 2.0 proposes living on the outskirts of society. Life 2.0 is the plan for those who do not retire rich, who have lost the life savings they put into their homes, who are facing rising costs of everything with ever decreasing resources.

Two options:
  • ·      Live poor, possibly homeless, and wait to die
  • ·      Live like hippies, combine resources, move a lot, stay under the radar, have lots of parties, laugh a lot, and die when the time comes.

Sometimes I wonder if I would choose a hippie existence if I had the funds to do better. I honestly don’t know. But unless my house increases its value by 70% in the next 23 months, I have no choice. And between the choices of fold or play the hand I have been dealt, I choose the latter!  The adventure continues......

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  1. Janey, I love this post! And THANK YOU for ordering my book! I just did the same for yours and I'm really looking forward to reading it. :-)

    I see that you live in the high desert of New Mexico. I'm so jealous! That sounds amazing.

    I hope you're having a great day so far and it's great to "meet" you.

    :-) Anna