Says Jane of the Jungle: "You'd better laugh or you'll croak too soon. Stay on the upside of the downside: don't be in a hurry to get old. Have adventures, behave badly, don't give a fart or a hurrah what the world thinks of you, and slide over the finish line with a sh*t eating grin."

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Dream of Life 2.0

I dreamed:

That I had a decent motorhome that had an engine powered by shit. Shit is the most plentiful substance on earth, and if I ever run low, I’ll just drive to Washington.

That I had solar and wind panels on the roof that powered an extraordinary battery pack under the bus. And that the toilet was an incinerating marvel that turned shit into ash, and was perfect so long as you remembered to stand up before flushing.

That the crappy little car I towed behind the thing always started when I wanted it to. 

That I had earth boxes filled with vegetables and berries in compartments under the bus that I put out everyplace I stopped and that fed me well. That I was able to trade manure removal with farmers for fresh eggs.

That I was pretty good