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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stem Cell News....Yeehaw?

A new report cites a study in which old mice were given injections of new stem cells, and presto! Can you say re-ju-ve-na-tion?

Mice studies at the University of Pittsburgh showed that stem cell injections slowed the aging process. Treated old mice became like young mice, and lived up to three times longer than their untreated compadres.

Well....they weren't rebuilt. Even thought the stem cells came from muscle tissue, and their muscles did get stronger, they weren't reborn as new hot mice. They had better brain blood flow and overall health, and so on and so on.

Cool. So now they're going to try to translate the research to humans. Take our own stem cells from muscle and see what happens. Possibilities:
  • I live 3 times longer than most people, and look like hell the whole time
  • I'm smart enough to know how bad I look
  • I have more energy so I can go look in the mirror more often
  • Whose idea was this anyway?
I will wait for the research that rebuilds muscle and skin. Then I will take stem cells from a 20 year old ass and inject them guess where. I will take stem cells from a 25 year old neck and make my friends envious. I will take stem cells from a weight lifter and be strong enough to pick up a cute guy and run down the road with him. (heh heh)

c u there  :)


  1. Amazing! Hope it gets to my local pharmacy before I'm too far over the hill.